5 Symptoms that Your Water Pump Needs Repair

To supply your house with water coming from an underground well, you will need to equip your property with a well-functioning water system — mainly composed of a water tank and water pump. Household pumps do the crucial task of pumping water from the well and delivering it to the tank where it will be pressurized and stored. These pumps typically last from 15 to 20 years, and during that period, these machines will inevitably need to be serviced and repaired.

In this article, we’re compiling five symptoms telling that household pumps need to be inspected and addressed by water pump specialists.

  • Low or fluctuating water pressure. One of the first signs of a failing water pump is getting low water pressure in your showers or faucets or both. These signs could mean that household pumps are clogged with slime and iron bacteria. This debris should be removed and your water system should be cleaned in order to return the water pressure to the normal level.
  • Muddy or dirty water. A water pump has a component that allows it to filter out silt and other dirt coming from the underground well water. If your pump is already wearing out or has other issues, it will literally show in the water that comes out of your faucets and showers. Pumps that need to be repaired typically produce cloudy or muddy water.
  • Spitting faucets. Water pumps — and water systems as a whole — should be free of cracks and breaks for them to function optimally. If your pump has any of these damages, it will cause a sporadic air spurt, hence producing noisy and annoying spitting faucets. This symptom should never be ignored before it escalates to a more expensive repair.
  • Clicking noises from the tank. When there is an air pressure leak in your tank, it will also give off rapid clicking noises — sounds that you don’t commonly hear when your water system is running. This escaping air can affect your pump and cause it to get into an energy-consuming stop-start, start-stop cycle.
  • High utility bills. If your property’s water features begin to overwork or enter into a non-stop stop-start, start-stop cycle as mentioned above, it will lead to higher energy bills. If you experience a sudden increase in what you pay for your utility without apparent reason — it’s high time to have your water pump and system inspected by a professional.
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