Choosing the Right Separation Lawyer: 5 Factors To Look Into

As of 2019, Australia has a divorce rate of 0.2% — meaning there are two divorces for every 1,000 people. As divorce is a tricky, expensive, and often exhausting process of legally dissolving one’s marriage, many couples are turning to its alternative: legal separation. Separation lawyers help their clients “separate” from their partners (i.e. live apart) while maintaining their marital status.

There are different reasons why married couples choose to separate rather than to divorce — one of which is the retention of certain protections and benefits that legally married individuals are entitled to, such as social security benefits and health insurance coverage. But while there’s this advantage, there are still several issues that separating couples need to resolve with the help of their separation lawyers, including child custody, division of properties and debts, support, and alimony.

Legal separation is indeed a process that involves several decision-making phases. And there are several things to consider — from deciding how or when you will tell your kid (or kids) and other family members to how will your post-separation parenting looks like and how will it possibly affect all parties involved. This is why it is a must to find among separation lawyers the best one who can help you navigate through this intricate process. Below are five factors you need to take into account to help you decide.

  • First and foremost, the lawyer you’ll hire should have enough experience and knowledge about the ins and outs of this type of legal case. Look for referrals and thoroughly check for credentials. Don’t forget about his or her success rate as well.
  • Most separation lawyers (including property settlement lawyers in North Sydney) handle different cases simultaneously. Besides your lawyer’s capabilities, you should also consider his or her availability — he or she should have enough time to properly handle your case.
  • From observing punctuality, being accommodating to your inquiries, to faithfully keeping confidential information, a dependable settlement lawyer is someone who is professional in any way possible.
  • Personal Compatibility. Your and your lawyers’ dynamics are important in helping you successfully finish your separation case. You should be comfortable with the approach he or she is using, and he or she should be able to fully comprehend your situation for him or her to be able to defend your rights effectively.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Separation Lawyers in North Sydney have their own hourly rates — some are more expensive than others. However, you shouldn’t be hindered by the figure alone. Some choose cheaper lawyers but end up paying more because of several inefficiencies.
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