Divorce Essentials: With Prenup vs. Without Prenup

Long ago, when family law wasn’t that much of a concern of normal individuals yet, a prenup or prenuptial agreement was a luxury that only rich people bothered to use. However, at this point, more and more people are realizing the beauty behind prenuptial agreements, and how they can be used to prevent any unwanted future disasters. Divorced Lawyers in Parramatta are also advocating the use of using prenups, yet, not all couples are considering it, for some reason that only they know.

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract made for couples to sort things out financially and non-financially before they get married. It also outlines very accurately how things will be processed in case events happen in the future like death or even divorce and separation.

Even though this agreement is very powerful, the couples can still modify everything in it, even after the marriage, provided that both parties have provided consent for the changes.

Divorce with Prenup

With a prenuptial agreement, a divorce can be easily processed provided that everything has been already outlined on the contract. No one on each side of the party can deny what is on the contract since both have agreed upon it, and everything that is on the prenuptial agreement is final. A prenup can also be used as a tool for addressing matters that aren’t related to finance.

Prenuptial agreements however don’t state or allow agreements for child custody and rights, as it should be settled outside of this legal contract. That said, even if you already have a prenuptial agreement ready after a divorce, you still need to hire divorce lawyers in Parramatta to deal with everything about child custody and what happens next.

Divorce without Prenup

Separation lawyers and the court will then be heavily involved in case a couple doesn’t have a prenuptial agreement. Since both of them didn’t legally agree on a set of terms and conditions beforehand, then they won’t be allowed to make the decision currently, especially on how things are.

You need to have a family attorney by your side when dealing with this since the judge will be in charge of assigning every asset that is in your legal relationship. The judge will consider a lot of things, especially when it comes to child custody, further evaluation is needed and even investigations if deemed necessary.

Divorced lawyers in Parramatta are easy to find and get in contact with, so there’s no excuse for not getting a prenup. Not only that it settles everything in the future very smoothly and quickly, but it is also an effective legal tool to protect both couples from unfairness and also unwanted things from happening.

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