Genealogy and Its Importance

Genealogy, in simple terms, is the study of families that also includes the tracing of their history and lineages. It originated form Greek words “genea” and “logos”, which mean generation and knowledge respectively. The people who practice genealogy are called genealogists and they use historical records, oral traditions, genetic analysis, and other sources or records to gather more information or data about a family under study. They do all these so they can show the pedigrees and kinship of the family members. Usually, they use charts to demonstrate the results. Others use narratives.

Sense of Origin

Genealogy or having a family tree is a task that you should never underestimate. This is because it is very important in so far as having a sense of origin or where you came from is concerned. When creating a family tree, people usually start with the parents and grandparents until they reach the farthest trace of their family that they can. When you do this, you will have a clear idea about the origin of your family and how they lived in the past. You’ll have knowledge of how the kind of traditions and culture they have and how these affect the next generations. You’ll have an idea about the things that were passed on to the current generation of your family.

By making a family tree, you are connecting the present to the past. In addition, having full knowledge about where your family originated creates a sense of pride, as if you something to be treasured that nobody can steal from you.

Beneficial to Science

Though there’s no denying that there have been a lot of science discoveries, inventions and innovations that greatly make life much better like the advancements in medicine, the old tradition of tracing the family is still crucial and beneficial in the search for cure to specific diseases. In particular, having full knowledge of the family’s lineage and origin can help our geneticists, epidemiologists, researchers, and other kinds of scientists find clues that are valuable in the search for cure to family tree embedded diseases.

If there are family members who have genetic diseases, or diseases that may have been passed by blood or genes, then it may be high time to start establishing your family tree. In this way, you’ll have a clear idea of the number of family members from previous to current generations who are having the genetic disease. Also, you’ll know how chronic the disease and if it can still be passed on to the next generation or how they can prevent from acquiring it. When you have knowledge about the medical problems your family has based on the family tree you established, then you will have more basis for the medical related decisions you are going to make.

As it seems, genealogy is not just simply a historical account of a family’s lineage and origin. It can actually be helpful and even crucial to many things such as in the field of medicine. At the very least, it’s something you can be proud of.

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