Guidelines When Hiring a Videographer for your Wedding?

If you’re hiring a film studio to do your wedding video, there are things to consider before you book one. Any Sydney wedding filmmaker may offer great promises but if you really want to get the real thing; here are some guidelines to hire the right one.

Know exactly your viewing vibe

How you want to view your wedding video is your viewing vibe. Your Sydney wedding filmmaker can make your wedding a cinematic or documentary-like and will follow your viewing vibe. If you want your wedding to be like a moving love story, a cinematic style wedding is best for you however if you just want to see in the video  the traditional wedding scenes, then documentary wedding fits well that viewing vibe. Before you commit to your videographers, make sure you’ve discussed with them exactly how you want your wedding to be filmed. The good thing is top wedding videographers do combinations of cinematic and documentary wedding so you enjoy both styles and its best results.

Choose well the camera types

Weddings are either done with digital or analog cameras. Make sure your Sydney wedding filmmaker will discuss with you what cameras he/she’ll be using. Analog cameras are the standards however with technology rising high, digital cameras are the best next thing to use. Videographers prefer digital cameras nowadays simply because of the many advantages such as crisp and pristine images and ease of use. Digital cameras are also easier to work with lightings and your videographer will experience less worries over lightings and also allows more room for playing around with the lights. It’s also best if the videographer will discuss on the number of camera to use during the pre wedding shoots, ceremony and on other wedding extras.

Choose a team

If you’re hiring a wedding studio, make sure you’ll be having a team from it. It means a photographer and a videographer will be working together on your wedding. This makes a good sense as you’ll be getting complete service and surely not to miss any moment in your wedding day and you’ll get fabulous wedding photo album and great videos for weddings while paying one flat rate for both services.

Take note of the editing

Some wedding studios do the editing on site and some after the ceremony, and it is best to take note of the editing services of the wedding studio. Make sure the editor sends raw footages for preview for you to decide, which to cut or to keep.

Well-done hiring of videographer leads to weddings as something great to remember long after the ceremony is over, and make sure you do it right.

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