How to Lose More Pounds Even When Feeling Lazy

healthy_live2When you’re as lazy as a dog and finding it hard to squeeze in exercise, there are still ways how you can lose more pounds. Health resorts in NSW suggest everyone to fuse fun and fitness to override laziness and become healthy.

While watching television or on the couch

In times that you feel you just want to stay lazy and it’s hard to get up from the couch, why not enjoy it, and still be healthy? Health resorts in NSW suggests watching television can be combined with some stretching exercise. Stretching is highly needed in preventing back pain and while it’s not necessarily contributes to losing weight, stretching helps prepare the body for exercise. Sitting all day long helps store fats and if you’re too lazy to walk away from the chair, you can do stretching while sitting. Fitness retreats recommend “The magic carpet ride”. This is done while sitting in a chair with legs crossed and feet on the seat, the hands on the armrest and lifting the body up a few inches up. The muscles in the belly, hands and thighs are worked out.

While chatting on the phone

While chatting on the phone, lifting light hand weights is a lot fun while being too lazy for an exercise. Surprisingly, one doesn’t need to lift heavy weight to lose weight. Health resorts in NSW explains that lifting lightweight improves endurance and increases strength. Since you’re only lifting lightweight, you won’t be subjected to injury. If you’re always on the phone, repeated lifting helps get toned look and not the bulky and muscular.

Power walks while shopping

If you love shopping more than doing some cardio exercise or aerobics in some fitness retreats, some power walks while window shopping gives same health benefits. It helps circulate blood. Keeping your power walks at high intensity will help burn the same amount of calories when jogging or running.

While exploring new area

Biking while exploring a new park or area also sheds off some pounds. Biking for all we know increases cardiovascular fitness, muscles strength, and flexibility. Health retreats in Australia confirms that it’s a fun way in improving joint mobility and decreases stress levels. Biking to explore new parks is experiencing new surroundings and doing so helps in melting body fats, and when excess body fats decreases, losing weight follows. When you’re over stressed and feel too lazy, get on your bike and bike your way to lighten your mood and likewise lose some pounds.

If you can’t beat laziness, following these health tips helps you get fit and healthy.

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