The Trick to Accentuating your Wedding Dress

So, you have found the perfect dress that you will be walking down the aisle with. What’s next? You must then find the right bridal hair pieces and other accessories that will adorn the rest of your body on that big day where you are the lead star. Choosing bridal accessories is not as easy as it seems, not any easier than finding the right gown indeed. But there are tricks you can use to ensure your look will be perfect come your wedding day. Read on.

Know the Rules on Metals

Depositphotos_17637579_s-2015It takes some fashion sense to realize that some metals require a dress color palette. If you are using an ivory dress, you must pair it with gold bridal hair pieces because it will look elegant that way. If you like to go with the purity of a white dress, you must look at silver or platinum accessories instead. Some wedding dresses are embedded with embellishments. In that case, you let the beadwork rule what kind of accessories to use.

Size Up your Choice

With too many bridal hair pieces, it is easy to get lost along the way of choosing. Do not let the number of choices overwhelm you. Choose the perfect, most suitable type that will complete your look. If possible, try your prospects along with the dress prior to the event. That will give you at least an idea how you will actually look come the big day.

Do not Over-accessorize

This is another disadvantage that may occur if you allow the overwhelming number of bridal accessories available to sweep you off your feet. Use only what your outfit for the day requires. If your upper bodice is already heavy with embellishments, a studded necklace may no longer be necessary.

Invest Time Choosing the Veil

The veil is the ultimate piece that you cannot miss and you cannot leave without. Make sure that as you scout or bridal handmade accessories, you already accomplished the task of choosing your veil, which should match the gown fabric with a style that will not overshadow the beauty of your dress.

Decide on your ‘Do

While you are busy choosing bridal shoe clips, you must also plan out what kind of hairstyle you will wear for that day. Bridal ‘dos are widely varied. It will not be so difficult to find something that is comfortable to wear, something that will match your dress, something that will highlight your beauty as the star of the event.


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