Want to Have a Vacation In a Romantic Hotel?

If you want to spend quality time with your partner in a different city or town, you need a romantic hotel to go to. Gili Islands offers the best island getaway hotels that every couple will enjoy. These hotels are the perfect reason to have a staycation in a different place.

Gili Islands hotels offer the best that any hotel can offer. Some of the hotels here give couples a reason to stay in the hotel. They can simply enjoy the facilities and amenities. For people who love the beach, hotels here have their own expanse of seashores. Some of the couples can enjoy water sports like jet ski, sailing, and others. Hotels here cater to all sun worshippers.

Another hotel option that couples take is fitness hotels. Some of these hotels are located in Gili Trawangan, the largest of the 3 islands. Most of the hotels here are equipped with a spa, a salon, a gym and a swimming pool. It is one type of staycation that excites couples who are into physical fitness. They can swim laps in the pool and work out in the gym. At the ends of the day, the couple can hide off to the spa for a relaxing massage. Some of the gyms include exercise and dance classes as well. If all this does not work for you, you can tie your running shoes and jog around the hotel. The best part is that after all that, you and your special someone gets to relax in a cozy room at night.

A staycation is not exclusive to a hotel stay in your city. You can choose a secluded hotel or resort that has all the facilities that you want. Gili air has this kind of hotels. The aim of a staycation is to heal tired bodies and mind from the busy life in the city. So all you need is to book a hotel and spend a few days of quiet and peace. You can do whatever it is that helps you relax. A massage is one activity that helps people relax. Some go for Yoga classes. Others prefer to play a certain sport.  If you can find all of these in one hotel, then your relaxation is complete. As long as you are able to release all of the pent up stress in your mind and body, your relaxation plan will be a failure. This is why you need to relax far from your city where you totally leave all your troubles away.

Aside from releasing stress and worries, a staycation away from home allows you to bond closer with your partner. This is the part where the romantic side of the hotel comes in. Gili Islands is known for having some of the best romantic hotels around. There are some resorts that offer the best sunrise, while those on the other side display the best sunsets. Dining in a romantic setting round up the experience.

There is just so much magic when having a staycation away from home with your special someone.

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