Donald Trump: The “Man of the Hour”

With the results of USA presidential election, there’s no doubt, all eyes are on Mr. Donald Trump. The man is, of course, popular being a celebrated businessman and previous owner of beauty pageant franchises  Miss USA, Miss USA Teen and Miss Universe. Thus, during the 2016 Presidential Election campaign, Mr. Trump displayed extraordinary wits and opinions that put some quarters into outburst reactions. Now that the election is over, everyone is curious to know who the real Donald Trump is, and as the next or specifically the 45th USA president, everything he has to say would merit world’s reaction and on this note, we’re running a family tree report of the current “Man of the Hour” .

Donald Trump and the first family

Mr. Donald Trump was born a year after the WW II on October 11, 1946. His first wife was Ivana Zelnickova. They have three children Donald John Jr., Ivanka Marie and Erick Frederick.  The first son, Donald John Jr. is married to Vanessa Kay Haydon and have five children namely Kai Madison, the eldest daughter, Chloe Sophia, Donald John III, Tristan Milos and Spencer Frederick. The second daughter, Ivanka Marie is married to Jared Kushner, and with three children namely, Arabella Rose Kushner, Joseph Frederick Kushner, and Theodore James Kushner. The youngest son Erick is married to Lara Lea Yunaska.

Second family

After the controversial divorce with Ivana Trump, Mr. Donald Trump married Maria Maples. They have a daughter, the lovely Tiffany Trump.

Third family

Mr. Donald divorced Maria Maples and then married Melania Knauss. They have a son, Baron the third son of Mr. Donald Trump.

First generation- the parents

Mr. Donald Trump’s father was Frederick Christ “Fred” Trump married to Mary Anne Macleaod. The couple had five children; Maryanne, Frederick Fred, Jr., Elizabeth, Donald, and Robert.

Second generation-grand parents

Trump married Elizabeth Christ and was blessed with three children. The first daughter was named Elizabeth; the second son was named Fred and John, the youngest son.

Notable relations

Henry J. Heinz, founder of Heinz Company is the second cousin of Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s father

Elizabeth Trump, Mr. Donald Trump’s grandmother is a descendant of Johann Michael Hartung who was a famous organ builder from paternal grandmother Sabina Christ.

Notable Physicist John Trump is an uncle.

Maryanne Trump Baron – a federal Judge is a sister.

Walter Williams- a newspaper columnist is a cousin.

Family outings

The Trump patriarch Frederick was said to have an amazed fortune by building restaurants during the Gold Rush and feeding hungry gold miners however much of the profits aren’t from the sale of steaks and liquor but from “female companionship fees”.

Frederick Trump came to New York only after his sister has been settled here.

Frederick’s father died of emphysema caused by excessive and abusive smoking.

Trump’s ancestors were German immigrants who were solid proofs of how productive and integrated immigrants are.

Ivana Trump has once admitted to having on and off affair with Donald but did not come in a decision of remarrying Donald.

Tiffany is Instagram’s celebrity with her huge followers.

Donald is as controversial as he is, but now that he is the elected 45th US President, are we going to see more controversies or a mellower Mr. Donald Trump? We’re crossing fingers here!

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