Fixing Legal Family Disputes in Australia

Legal disputes concerning the family are one of the most common in Australia. There are attorneys specifically experts in these areas. A divorce attorney, for example, is skilled in the said legal dispute and have handled cases in relation to it. Hiring a legal firm that specifically handles cases on this specific topic.

Experts in Family Law

Family law is a broad topic that can be divided into cases of a similar vein including separation cases, divorce cases, property settlement cases, child-related cases, and similar cases. If you are living in the area, lawyers in Norwest should be able to guide you with their expertise and knowledge in these areas.

Common cases concerning Family Law

As stated above, there are common cases in relation to family law that experts are familiar with.

  • Separation and Divorce – This is one of the most common cases as it requires a process that will be handled through a legal process. A divorce attorney is hired for these cases. An expert will be able to guide you through the different factors in relation to the case such as emotional, psychological, and the financial factors that couples have to discuss through the process.

A team dedicated to this purpose will guide the couple through their application, arrangements for children, resolution of a dispute, settlement of property, and the different factors related to divorce.

  • Child support – The aftermath of a divorce is the child support that will be discussed through another legal process. A child support attorney will guide the parents through their discussions about custody and the arrangement of child support through the Child Support Assessment Act.
  • Property settlement – To ensure a proper separation or divorce of a couple, the settlement of property should also be taken into account. A divorce attorney may also be included in the process to see how the assets will be divided with the involved parties. This includes furniture, businesses, cars, funds, and the likes. This reduces any ambiguity that will result in potential disputes in the future. A team will guide the couple through the property settlement, signing of a legally binding agreement, and other requirements.
  • Other family-related issues – Aside from divorce and child support, other family-related issues which do not necessarily fall under a divorce or separation case shall also be discussed. These include issues of domestic violence, financial agreements, alternative dispute resolution, and other issues will also require legal assistance.
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