Cellular Shades and other Shutters and Blinds: The Extra Protection that You Didn’t Know You Need

The sun, while it gives us a lot of benefits, it still brings us several bad effects. For that reason, we should always consider keep ourselves protected by not just wearing sunscreens but also by installing shades and rollers like cellular shades. Doing so will let us experience more perks.

We benefit a lot from the sun. It gives us energy, vitamins, and even a good tan. However, as they say, it, too much of everything is bad. That’s why many people use a lot of sunscreens and even wear clothes with UV protection whenever they go outside. But did you know that you’re still not safe from the sun’s harmful rays even when at home?

Just because you’re at the comfort of your home doesn’t mean you’re already safe from the rays of the sun. You see, UVA rays can still penetrate through the glass at a rate of more than 70%. Thus, aside from wearing broad-spectrum sunscreens, it is also important that you have blinds and shutters in your home. But these tools aren’t just for your protection. A blind and/or a shutter can also protect your investments.

Your appliances, pieces of furniture, floors, and all the parts of your house can also be damaged if they are exposed too much in the sun. Their colors can fade and some materials can become brittle when exposed to too much heat. Without cellular shades and other protection for your windows, direct sunlight can also overheat your appliances. As a result, they will wear out over time.

Of course, you can’t apply sunscreen on these things and covering them with a cloth will not suffice. That’s why it is essential that you have cellular shades or other window blinds and shutters to protect your investments too.

With this, you can even increase the level of your privacy in your home. This is because shutters and blinds can also block the view from the outside so no one can easily peep into your home. What’s even better is that you have a wide variety of options to increase your home’s aesthetics – from the simplest sheer view blind to even the cutest shutter designs – and you can have better control over the amount of sunlight that passes through.

So don’t just rely on sunscreens to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Consider having shutters and blinds installed in your abode as well. It is surely worth the investment.

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